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About The Conch Bungalow
Thank you for taking the time to learn about The Conch Bungalow.  We thought it may interest our guests to learn a little more about the house they'll be staying in.  As a coquina shell and shotgun home, it has a unique place in the architectural history of St. Augustine's quaint neighborhoods bordering the downtown shopping and tourist district.   
The Conch Bungalow, as named by us, was built in 1925 by a family that passed it from one generation to the next until our purchase. When building the house, coquina shell - common during that era - was used, and you can see much of the original coquina shell on the exterior of the house on the east and west sides.  The ornate fence pillar posts that you will see at the front of the home immediately bordering us to the east were also crafted by the family that built The Conch Bungalow.  Aside from a small galley kitchen and an addition on the east side in the late 1940s, the house remained essentually unchanged until our purchase. 
Unfortunately due to years of neglect after the passing of the family matriarch, The Conch Bungalow was not in a healthy condition when we came upon it during a drive through St. Augustine.  We had been visiting Amelia Island - a short drive to the north - for a few days where we were looking at some properties there, and happened upon The Conch Bungalow as we meandered through St. Augustine on our way home to Tampa Bay.  While the home's appearance might have been off-putting to some, we saw a beautiful coquina shell home that begged "SAVE ME"!  Our attentions turned from pristine beachfront condos in Amelia Island to this waif of a house that had a "For Sale by Owner" sign in the front yard.  So badly injured was the home, with a saggy roof, bathroom walls that had decayed, plaster ceilings bowing down, floors destroyed from termites, that one general contractor proclaimed to us upon first seeing it - "I can build you a new house," suggesting that it was best to just tear it down. 
Instead, we commited ourselves to restoring  it, and embarked on what became an almost 6-month process from purchase date to finalizing the interior renovations.  We are excited to be able to offer The Conch Bungalow to those looking for a unique vacation home in beautiful, historic St. Augustine!  

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